After a day of solid fights Because of nominations, Tuesday’s episode in the Bigg Boss house witnessed some funny moments because of the Killer task. The task is all about finding the unknown killer in the house, who is supposed to complete a series of tasks and thereby kill a few other housemates in the game as well.

Captaincy Contender Task
Bigg Boss announced this week’s captaincy contender task as “Killer Unnadu Jagratha”.

Bigboss said that he will decide anyone as a killer and will keep it confidential while remaining in-mates have to be careful with the killer and also should find the killer to be a Capiatancy Contender. With such a task given to the inmates, things got strange and frightened as housemates have to find a killer among them and have to stay safe.

Killer of the Task
To confuse the contestants, Big Boss called Ariyana, Akhil, Siva, Ashu and Nataraj into the confession room to decide on the killer. He asked each of them a question “Why do you deserve to be a killer?”. Answering this, all the housemates have given their reasons. Also Big boss asked a few funny questions that evoked a few laughs. He asked Shiva to say the answer for (a+b)^2. However, he replied it wrong as a^2+b^2+2ab^2 and it was announced by Bigboss as the wrong answer.

After all these funny conversations, Big Boss decided Nataraj as the Killer.

Nataraj as Killer
As Nataraj was given the chance as the killer, BigBoss gave him a secret phone and told him that Bigboss will assign him the tasks on a timely basis and will communicate with him through the phone. He was assigned three tasks by the Big Boss to be accomplished and he has done in the following way :

1. Bigg Boss assigned Nataraj to make any one of the contestants drink coffee mixed with Salt. To complete this, Nataraj himself poured salt into coffee and complained that someone mixed salt in coffee that he kept on the table. Reacting to this, Shiva tasted the coffee and he was dead.

2. Bigg Boss asked Nataraj to keep lipstick on any part of the contestant. As part of this, Nataraj rubbed his hand with lipstick and kept it on the back of Anil’s shirt. By this, Anil was dead.

3. Big Boss informed Nataraj to pour water on any one of the contestants’ beds and to let them know about it. To make this happen, Nataraj by talking with Bindu and Shiva, secretly poured water on Ariyana’s Bed and complained to Bindu that someone poured water on Ariyana’s Bed. Bindu informed this to Ariayana and Ariyana was dead.

Contestants In Confusion
With Akhil thought of confusing contestants, all the inmates got suspicious of one another. With Akhil writing “Nataraj Dead” and Mithra Writing “I am Back” with lipstick, everyone thought there was something fishy and started to suspect one another. As Ashu, who doesn’t eat sugar, started eating sugar and as Mithra and Akhil behaved strangely, most of the inmates thought there would be a killer among those three.

Finally, the episode got wrapped with Shiva and Bindu writing “Ashu Dead” on her bed and with Akhil and Ashu seeing it and informing housemates that killer might have done it.

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