Bigg Boss Telugu Non-stop is just a few weeks away from coming to an end. The show organizers are trying their best to boost the show’s rating by providing more entertainment. To make it more interesting, Bigg Boss started the ‘Eviction-free Pass’ task, where the old housemates are making way into the house to create some fun amidst the tension in the house. Like Siri yesterday, we have Maanas Nagulapalli in the house in the current episode.

The current episode started with housemates dancing to the morning song, followed by some funny actions of Baba Bhaskar and Natraj.

Maanas As Celebrity Guest
Bigg boss 5 contestant Manas entered the house as the second celebrity to let the housemates play the Eviction free pass task. He divided the Housemates into two teams – one as the Baba Bhaskar’s team and the other as the Natraj’s team. He made the teams play a body parts identification game and finally Baba Bhaskar team won the game. He then revealed the fact that he asked them to play the game just for fun and no one is getting anything in the task.

Mystery Box – Handkerchief task
Maanas said catching the kerchief while whistle sounds was his favourite task in his Big Boss season 5. He also won the task and became the captain. So, he let the housemates play the same game. Natraj won this game and got the mystery box.

Eviction Pass Contender Task
As Baba Bhaskar became the first contender for the Eviction pass task by winning yesterday’s game, Maanas assigned other task to all the housemates. The game is called “Paadite Poyinate” and the winner will be the second contender. However, as Mithra’s hand was injured, Baba Bhaskar played this task for Mithra.

Bindu as Sanchalak

Bigg boss asked Maanas to leave the house in the middle of the Eviction Pass Contender Task and asked Bindu to play the game as Sanchalak. Anil won this task and got first place.

Mystery Box Fails
When Nataraj is asked by Bigg Boss whether he would like to keep the mystery box or give it to others, he said that he will keep it for himself. But in the mystery box, it is revealed that he will have to “Go one Rank down”. So Natraj who is in the second rank came down to the third rank and Ariyana who is in the third rank came back to the second rank. However, it’s Anil who stayed in the first place by winning the game.

Anil won the golden tick
By winning the game, Anil became the second contender for the Eviction free pass task after Baba Bhaskar and won golden tick.
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