BB Non-Stop: Ep 82: Drama Between Bindu & Siva

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Nagarjuna’s ‘Bigg Boss’ Non-Stop which is Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar has managed to keep the viewers engaged with its drama-packed episodes. The contestants are leaving no stone unturned to impress the fans and advance to the next stage of the game.

Today’s episode started with housemates dancing to the morning song and then with the discussion of Bindu, Shiva and Anil about Baba Bhaskar’s fantastic game.

Anchor Ravi As Celebrity Guest
Bigg Boss 5 contestant Anchor Ravi made his entry into the house as the third celebrity to let the housemates play the Eviction free pass task. He created fun in the house by recreating the Arjun Reddy scene with Anil as Arjun Reddy, Mithra as Preethi and Natraj as Heroine’s father.

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Mystery Box Task
For the mystery box task, Ravi divided housemates into four teams: Green team, Brown team, Blue team and Pink team. As both Natraj and Shiva won the game, Ravi asked them to decide who will take the mystery box. However as both of them said their own reasons to get the mystery box, Ravi requested housemates to decide the winner. With more housemates supporting Shiva, Shiva won the mystery box.

Ravi’s Funny Imitations and Games
Ravi imitated all the housemates and evoked a few laughs. Later he played a truth or dare game with Housemates. In this game, in-mates asked other housemates about their doubts on the situations that happened in the house.

Golden Tick Task
As per the Bigg Boss’ instructions, Ravi explained the Golden Tick task. While Bigg Boss asked Mithra if she wants Baba Bhaskar or Anil to play in place of her because of her hand injury, she replied Baba Bhaskar will play on behalf of her.

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Though Shiva won the task, in the mystery box, he got “swap his rank with another”. Shiva gave it to Bindu and asked her to be Bigg Boss Eviction pass Contender.

Drama begins
A small debate went on between Bindu and Shiva as Shiva said that he is giving that golden tick pass to Bindu because her score was at zero for three days and he has confidence that the remaining housemates can play and can win the Golden Tick for themselves. Disappointed with his statement, Bindu rejected the Golden Tick badge. Shiva requested Bindu for so much time and conveyed his sincere apologies to Bindu. Though all the housemates requested Bindu to accept the Golden Tick from Shiva, she didn’t agree. But finally, Bigg Boss made a swap as requested by Shiva and Bindu became the third Contender of Eviction free pass task.

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