BB Non-Stop is one of the popular reality shows in Telugu. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the TV show. The current episode has multiple interesting elements. The house also got the last captain of the season.

*Natraj continues as Killer*
Bigg Boss asked Natraj to spoil the bath room and blame someone else for it. Natraj did the same and put the blame on Hamida.

Bigg Boss asked Natraj to create an argument between two housemates but he failed to do it.

Bigg Boss later gave a last chance to Natraj, asking him to cut one inch of hair and put it on the mail box. He did the same and took Akhil’s hair.

With two kills in the day, Natraj did a great job as a killer and became the first captaincy contender.

*Natraj’s master game*
Natraj played the game very well that no one had predicted that he is the killer.

Mitra – Bindu
Ariyana – Akhil
Bindu – Ashu
Anil – Akhil
Hamida – Ashu
Ashu – Akhil
Siva – Ashu
Natraj – Baba
Akhil – Hamida
Baba – Anil

It is evident that no one predicted Natraj as the killer.

Natraj then showed the phone he got by Bigg Boss to the inmates and explained how he played the game.

*Brick By Brick*
This is the captaincy task. Since Mitra, Bindu, Baba and Ashu are not killed, they participated in the captaincy task.

This is the last captaincy task of the season. The contenders will have to remove bricks from bottom and build it in the top.

Ashu was the first one to come out of the game, followed by Bindu, Natraj and Mitra.

*Last Captain of the House*
Baba Bhaskar became the last captain of the season.

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