Babu Gogineni comments on Vishwak Sen controversy going viral !

Hero Vishwaksen should not have said that. TV9 says it is not right to call Devi Nagavalli like that. There have been a lot of similar posts on social media over the last couple of days. However, it is not appropriate to use the four-letter English word that starts with F Vishwaksen opposite Devi Nagavalli. Even if no one justifies it. But one has to wonder who actually started that controversy.

It remains to be seen why the original Vishwaksena reacted that way. Leading human rights activist Babu Gonineni posted a lengthy Facebook post about this. He wrote down in detail what happened on the day of the actual dispute, who said what, who actually apologized, and why. Important points in it are for you only the video of Vishwaksen slipping his mouth and saying the word not to say has gone viral.

Earlier, the words ‘Devi’ were not in the viral video. But Vishwak Sen repeated what she said. Only then did the original words come out. Speaking about the prank video made by Vishwaksena team for the campaign ‘ Ashokavanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam’ and the controversy caused by it, Vishwaksen was addressed as ‘ Pagalsena’ by Devi. It is as if it does not violate the Indian Mental Health Act.

As Devi was saying so, Vishwaksena turned her away. You are advised not to restrain speech. He was also repeatedly reminded that he had no right to talk about his health. Vishwaksena could file a defamation suit against her. Devi Nagavalli, who did not like Vishwaksen’s words, told him to get out of his studio and get out of my studio. But, the TV9 team called Vishwaksena to come to the studio.

Devi Nagavalli for her work on Vishwaksen in the studio.. She should apologize to the audience. We also apologize to Vishwaksen for violating privacy. Although she spoke the question of the womanizer wisely in the promotion of the movie ‘DJ Tillu’.. that question is very wrong. Devi Nagavalli should also apologize for that. Above all, Babu Gogineni concludes the post by saying that what Devi Nagavalli did is not called journalism.