James Cameron needs no introduction to the cinema lovers. He is the genius who made visual marvels like Titanic and Avatar. The latter was released in 2009 and after that, Cameron didn’t come up with any other film. After a gap of more than 13 years, he is now coming up with Avatar’s sequel, Avatar 2.

The first glimpse of this film was screened at the Cinema Con the other day. The makers have also announced that the title of this film will be, “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

It was officially announced that the film will hit the screens on December 16, 2022. Ahead of its release, the makers will also re-release Avatar’s remastered version on September 23. Meanwhile, the first trailer of Avatar 2 will be attached with Doctor Strange: Madness of Multiverse and unveiled on social media on May 6.

Speaking at the CinemaCon, Cameron said that his team had set out to push the limits of the big screen. He further added that the new Avatar films will push those limits even farther, with 3D, high dynamic range, high frame rate, higher resolution, and much greater reality in terms of visual effects.

Avatar was the highest-grossing movie in the world cinema. Now, we have to see how many records will this sequel break. Avatar 2 will be released in 160 languages across the world.