Despite the AP High Court’s verdict on Amaravati capital, the state government is dodging the issue and CM Jagan is believed to be still thinking on decentralising the capital cities. Alleging that the YCP government is involved in Contempt of Court, farmers of the Amaravati region have filed a fresh petition in the High Court.

In this petition, the farmers mentioned that the AP government is deliberately delaying to implement the verdict of the High Court citing lack of financial resources. Accepting the petition, the High Court has summoned the state government to send a report on Amaravati status.

In the first week of March, AP High Court delivered a landmark verdict in the favour of Amaravati farmers who protested against the ‘Three Capitals.’ The High Court ruled that the state government cannot abandon the project to develop Amaravati as the capital city after over 33,000 acres had been given up by farmers. The court also dismissed the scrapping of the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) Act in a major setback to the YCP government.

There were reports that the Jagan Reddy government would approach the Supreme Court of India over the High Court’s verdict but till date nothing as such happened.

In the current Contempt of Court case, the High Court postponed the hearing to July 12th and the YCP government has about two months time to prepare the report and submit it. Will the Jagan government submit the report? If so, the report is going to be a crucial one for Amaravati farmers.