The trailer of F3 which was launched today set the bar high on the movie. Starring Venkatesh, Varun Tej and directed by Anil Ravipudi, the film will be releasing on May 27th. The team addressed media, on the occasion of the stupendous response for the trailer.

Anil Ravipudi said, “Thanks for the amazing response for the trailer of F3. There will be much more laughs in the movie. You will enjoy F3 more than that of F2. One more thing is, many are asking us about the third F in the title. We mentioned more fun in the posters. But after seeing the humongous response, I now say that, F means family. Everyone who liked F2 is our family. After Sarileru, I wanted to make F3, not just to cash in the success of F2.

After F2 became a blockbuster, we went to Tirupati for Darshan. Audience of different age groups were enjoying the movie completely. It gave me goosebumps. So, I wanted to continue the franchise. If F3 becomes a big hit, I’m ready to make F4. Venkatesh is an Everest, when it comes to fun genre. You will be surprised to see Varun Tej’s comedy timing in the movie. There’s a surprise about Sonal and Tamannaah’s characters in the end.”

Varun Tej said, “I hope you all liked the trailer. We have seen many action films in recent times. F3 will bring freshness and offer more laughs. What you saw in the trailer is not more than 2% of what you are going to see in the movie. It’s a wonderful experience working with Venkatesh. While F2 was like a practice match, F3 will be the main match.”

Venkatesh said, “I asked someone about trailer and the response is tremendous. F3 will provide much bigger entertainment. Anil Ravipudi has got full control over his subject and characters. We have to give credit to him, as shooting with nearly 20-30 actors every day and doing such big sequences is very difficult. Anil handled it extraordinarily.”