In a bid to stir up the Hindi feeling among the North audiences, other day senior star hero Ajay Devgn has targeted Kiccha Sudeep and made some sarcastic comments. Without knowing the fact that Hindi is just an official language but not a National Language, he commented that everyone is dubbing their film into Hindi as a love of the National language.

Anyway, though none of the big celebrities other than Ram Gopal Varma have involved in this controversy, some media folks of south Indian origins started trolling Ajay Devgan heavily for those words. Some of them asked the actor if he loves Hindi films so much why is he remaking lots of South films rather than creating some originals.

When his career is going pointless, Ajay Devgan relied on the remakes of movies like Drushyam (Malayalam), Singham (Tamil) and is on the way to do a few more remakes such that he will score big hits there. Well, a remake is first preferred because it is already a proven story at the box office and would be very easy to carve than a orginal. The trolling is so high that people are asking Ajay to stop these remakes if he loves Hindi so much, and make only original films.

Maybe Ajay will say, he remade those films in Hindi because he wanted Hindi audience to see them in their native langauge. And then some netizens posted, “Is the mother tongue of Disney and Marvel folks Hindi that they are dubbing their sci-fi fantasy films into Hindi as well?”.