Actress Garima Kaushal First Look Poster Release From Indrani Movie

Actress Garima Kaushal has released the first look of Pan India movie ‘Indrani‘ which is being made in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam languages as the first super girl movie in India .. On this occasion Garima plays a very important role in this film and Indrani says that the whole story revolves around her character.

While discussing Indrani’s main storyline with music director Saikarthikari, director Stephen said that the story is well connected to Saikarthikari. Save the Girl to Save the World captioned Save the Girl to Save the World. A special title sequence song based on this title given the caption He promised to compose.

The film unit claims that Indrani will be the first female-centric film to feature science fiction storylines, comedy, adventure, emotion, thrilling elements, drama, dance numbers and action sequences in all its forms. Indrani shooting is going fast right now. This film is set for a worldwide release on October 27, 2022.


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