Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan‘s Acharya box office performance is coming as a shock to the box office experts and the common audience as well.

Nizam which is considered strongest area for Chiranjeevi but is a massive horror story. The movie was bagged by Warangal Srinu for a whopping 39 Crore.

Acharya has managed to collect just around 9 Crore Share in first two days run. Trade experts say a loss of 25-27 Crore is guaranteed here. There are further details in this horror story.

The rift between Dil Raju and Warangal Srinu is known to all. Dil Raju has distributed RRR and KGF 2. He has retained a good number of theaters denying a wide release for Acharya.

A big head managing Dil Raju’s office has gone abroad to avoid any pressure. While Chiranjeevi himself spoke directly, Dil Raju convinced him saying that he has to retain the theaters for RRR 50 days feat.

That answer has tied Chiranjeevi’s hands. Things turned further bad for the distributor as the movie garnered bad talk and reviews after the release.

The Prices hike has further damaged the film’s prospects. The recently allowed prices in Nizam are already high and the hike made things more complicated for the film after that talk.

Trade experts are estimating that the movie may lose around 25-27 Crore in Nizam region alone. This is by far the biggest loss venture in Nizam region in many areas.

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