Megastar Chiranjeevi had been much skeptical these days in picking up a film story. There had been many changes, back and forth calls in finalizing a story for his next, and many a time he has gone for a remake to be on the safer side. Though the star is fully back to the films, there is a void and incompleteness in his films. With the most recent Acharya, Chiranjeevi shocked all with his judgment more than the movie itself.

Acharya is on its way to ending up as a major embarrassment and it has its impact already on Chiru’s next film, Bhola Shankar. Acharya is nothing newer and in fact, it is more of a 90s template film that has no shining elements in it. Being too protective made Chiru stick to the strict so-called (but outdated) commercial formula and the end result is disastrous.

Like the dialogue in the movie Acharya, it seems to have given some ‘Gunapaatham’ to his next movie Bhola Shankar. It is heard that Bhola Shankar is going through many major changes in the script and the director was reportedly directed to make it ‘not like’ Acharya. Bhola Shankar is the official remake of Ajith’s Vedhalam and is being directed by Meher Ramesh.

Though a remake, Chiru reportedly suggested the director and the team work on the needed improvements rather than just going for a frame-to-frame copy.

Chiru’s ‘better safe than sorry’ policy for Acharya failed miserably and we have to see how he is going to bring the Bhola Shankar. The fans of Chiru are hoping he would choose the apt and good subjects than being monotonous like a Superstar who has a streak of failures leaving his distributors on the roads.