Director Koratala Siva is taking the responsibility of Acharya’s disaster result at the Box Office. In addition to the lackluster content, the timing of the release of Acharya – especially after two industry blockbusters RRR and KGF Chapter 2 – added to the woes and resulted in further disappointment of Acharya at the ticket windows.

Director Koratala Siva has already given assurance to the distributors before the release of the film. He personally gave surety that he would take care of the losses if any.

As promised, Siva is now keeping his word. He has come forward to settle the losses of the key distributors who have bought the film at exorbitant prices. Already, Koratala Siva reportedly hasn’t charged a penny to the producers. He took over the complete film before the release. So, he is settling the distributors losses, divulged the industry sources.

In film industry, expectations do go wrong and result of the films are not in anyone’s hands. Koratala tasted first failure with Acharya. Hence, he has decided to take the onus.

Rarely do we see directors stepping in and coming to the rescue of distributors. Many distributors are also appreciating Koratala Siva’s commitment and responsibility.

With this, NTR 30 is going to be hassle-free and will not have any additional burden of Acharya. Koratala will now focus on the content and delivering a hit to come out of the Acharya result. Let’s hope for the best.