The wait for Acharya is finally heading towards an end. The premieres in the US are all set to begin around this time tomorrow. While it looks like a feast for Mega fans to see both Megastar and his son Ram Charan for a good length of time, there seems to be another highlight in the film.

When asked about the same, Ram Charan revealed that it is the climax that is going to be the highlight. According to Ram Charan’s revelations, the climax in Acharya is going to give an entirely new experience to the fans and audience. He emphasized that it was not an easy task to picturoze that kind of climax.

The teaser shot that has Chiranjeevi taking care of goons with a shoolam, is from the climax fight. Charan revealed that Acharya is a story that has a backdrop of protecting the temples and sentiments and that is the reason of having the big floor of ‘kumkuma’ and also a fight in it. Among many other curious aspects, Ram Charan expressed his confidence in scoring a big success with Acharya.

Well, there is another interesting fact that Koratala Siva’s movies usually have and Acharya seems be not an exception from that. Though there will be powerful charaterizations and a strong willed hero, Koratala movies never really had a strong giant baddie. Like in his other films, Koratala seems to have made Acharya fight for a reason, than with one big villain.