Abhishek Bhachan shocking comments on KGF 2

At one time, Bollywood films were the care of Indian cinema. But now the trend has changed. Indian films have earned the name of South films. Bahubali movie has been released at Pan India level and Telugu cinema has proved its worth. During this period, Pushpa, RRR, KGF and KGF2 films were also released at Pan India level and garnered good collections.

Many Bollywood celebrities have praised these films in this order. In this context, Bollywood star hero Salman Khan responded by expressing doubts as to why Bollywood films are not getting success in the South industry. It is in this context that some in the Bollywood industry have expressed their views that films are not favored due to lack of content on screen.

Bollywood star hero Abhishek Bachchan responded to these comments in this order. His latest film ‘Dasvi’ was released directly on OTT and was well received. This film was well received by the audience as it conveyed the importance of education. Abhishek Bachchan was interviewed after the success of this film.

On this occasion Abhishek Bachchan made sensational remarks about the term Pan India. He said he did not know the word pan India and did not believe in that word. He questioned whether the term was being used for any industry other than the film industry. He said that KGF2, Pushpa, RRR have got good collections in Hindi.

Abhishek said that the film does not need language and no matter what language the film comes in, in the end it is just a film. Abhishek said that he condemns the statement that there is no content in Hindi movies and that there are many good movies coming in Hindi too.

If there is content in movies that will be a hit in any language, collections will come. Abhishek Bachchan revealed on the occasion that any language film would flop without the same content.