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Dhamarukam (2012)

Cast: Nagarjuna, Anushka, bommaaLi
Ravishankar, Prakash Raj, Ganesh
Venkataraman, Jeeva, Devan, Brahmaji,
Prabhu, Thallavajjhula Sundaram,
Prabhu, Brahmanandam, M.S. Narayana,
Krishna Bhagawan, Raghubabu, Duvvasi
Mohan, Prithviraj, Pragathi, Satya
Krishnan, Kavitha, Rajitha, Apoorva,
Giribabu (guest), Geethanjali (guest),
Charmme (guest), Vijaya Ranga Raja, etc.

Story: Veligondla Srinivas

Screenplay: Sreenivass Reddee

Dialogues: Sreenivass Reddee

Cinematography: Chota K. Naidu

Music: DeviSri Prasad

Sound Design: Raghunath K.

Lyrics: Jonnavithula, Bhaskarabhatla,
Chandrabose, Ramajogaiah Sastry, Sahiti,
Karunakar Adigarla

Playback: Sai Venkat, Karthik,
Srikrishna, Hariharan, Shankar
Mahadevan, M.L.R. Karthikeyan,
Jaspreet Jasz, Suchith Suresan, Chitra,
Sunitha, Harini, Gopika Purnima, Mamta

Choreography: Raju Sundaram, Dinesh,
Sivashankar, et al.

Art: Ashok

Costumes: Ravikumar Pila

Makeup Chief: Eswar

Editing: Gowtham Raju

Action: Vijay

Visual Effects: Firefly Creative Studio

Producer: Dr. R. Venkat

Direction: Sreenivass Reddee

Censor Certificate: U/A

Date of Theatrical Release:

November 23, 2012

What about DAMARUKAM Story Line –

Andhakasura ( bommaaLi Ravishankar) is the only one that remains of the raakshasa clan, petrified in a deep cave and supported by his henchman Maayi (Jeeva), after a long war with the gods. He awaits the time to bring himself alive so as to take control of all worlds. In order to achieve his goal, he has to marry, during a complete solar eclipse, a girl that’s born at the time when the fivecelestial bodies Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon, come into collinear positions ( panchagraha kooTami). Such a girl, Maheswari (Anushka), is born to Viswanatham (Devan) and his wife (Pragathi), with the boon of Goddess Parvathi. Malli a.k.a. Mallikarjuna
(Nagarjuna) is born with Lord Shiva’s blessings, but when Andhakasura realizes that Malli could stop him from achieving his goal, he kills all the elders in Malli’s family (Giribabu, Geethanjali, Sameer, and others) and leaves Malli and his sister orphans. Malli is spared because Andhaka thinks he’s dead, and his sister is paralyzed in her limbs due to the shock and injuries in the whole ordeal. As the raakshasa needs to marry
Maheswari with her willful consent, he takes the form of her cousin Rahul (Ganesh Venkataraman) from the USA and comes to their house. Malli, on the other hand, becomes Maheswari’s friend and bodyguard in a turn of events, and he’s supported by Lord Shiva (Prakash Raj) himself in a human form. With Andhaka possessing a boon from Lord Shiva that the latter would not interfere in the path to achieve the former’s goal, can a mere mortal Malli save Maheswari? Well experience it in Big screen.

Who attracted much in DAMARUKAM –


The real justification is done by him. He really roared with his powerful performance. On the other hand you must watch movie for Nags stunning get up.


I personally feel that Nag must get rid of her soon though pair is awesome but we cant imagine the same pair in many variations. Anushka is not much allowed to act and she even became a glamour doll as she does in all her movies. Nothing more to discuss about her.


Kanyakumari oh kanyakumari, Nesthama nesthama are the example of DSP brand who is even able to make an old man shake his leg with his beats has done a perfect job. The BGM of the second half is quite catchy and the bass in the background will bounce your heart.
Note – Control your legs while watching Movie.

Why to Watch DAMARUKAM

  • Nagarjuna performance
  • Various Getups
  • Different concept
  • Dsp Music
  • Second half
  • Direction
  • Climax

What to be Ignored in DAMARUKAM

  • Comedy
  • Graphic work
  • Screenplay
  • 1st half
  • Delay in release

Public PULSE –

Intha late ga release chesindhi ee.silly  graphics chudadanika. Damarukam inka konchem gattiga mogiunte adhiripoyedhi.

Rating by PULSE