The government interference in the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has lead to its suspension by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). A formal announcement was made in this regard on yesterday by IOA representatives.

Despite several reminders from IOC which asks IOA to avoid the government interference in the Association, which it believes defy the IOC charter, IOA goes ahead to conduct elections for its body quoting High Court orders. Hence, IOC suspends the IOA.

Following the routine practice of the statements that often made in such situation, the IOA officials told the media that they were not aware of the suspension and so far they have not received any letter from IOC in this regard. They said that they will react only after receiving some communication from IOC.

Our Sports Minister Jitendra Singh also following the same trends said ‘It’s unfortunate.”

Unless, some corrective steps taken on war footing mode,Indiawill loose the chance to participate in the forth coming Olympics. However, the suspension won’t stop the players participating as individuals. But, they are not eligible to represent their country and can’t carry the Indian flag in the Olympic Games. The IOA also won’t get the necessary funds from IOC and it can’t participate in any of the IOC meetings until the suspension is lifted.

IOA is going to conduct elections to its body on Wednesday. Lalit Bhanot, who is found involved in the scams has been already unanimously elected as the Secretary General and Abhay Singh Chautala who maintain political connections with political parties also has been unanimously elected to IOA body, even before the elections being conducted.

The acting Chief of IOA VK Malhotra told the media that, he has been writing the government since last two years that not to interfere in its elections and not to impose the Sports code on it, which attracts a serious action by IOC but in vain. As a result India is out from Olympics even before participating in it.

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